NFL Will Reportedly Ban The Controversial Play This Offseason

Image Source: Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock

The hip-drop tackle gained attention this weekend in college football after causing a leg injury to Florida State quarterback Jordan Travis.

Similarly, Ravens tight end Mark Andrews is set to undergo ankle surgery and is likely to miss the rest of the season due to the same type of tackle, sparking discussions in the NFL.

The controversial “hip drop” tackle has come under fire in the NFL for its potential to cause lower-body injuries.

Reports suggest that the league is anticipated to outlaw this tackle style in the upcoming offseason, with defensive players facing significant penalties for using it.

Although the NFL previously considered banning the hip-drop tackle, it ultimately decided against it. The challenge lies in finding a different approach for a player pursuing the ball carrier to make a tackle without risking further advantage to the opponent.

Defenses will need to adapt or face penalties. One viable alternative appears to be to physically restrain players until teammates can make a tackle, presenting a significant challenge.

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