Tennessee Titans Owner Surprised By Calvin Ridley Signing

Image Source: April Visuals / Shutterstock

The Tennessee Titans pulled off a seemingly impossible feat by signing wide receiver Calvin Ridley, as recounted by general manager Ron Carthon. Interestingly, the news broke so swiftly that even team owner Amy Adams Strunk first learned about it through the NFL media rather than directly from Carthon.

Carthon shared the sequence of events, “To show you how this world works now, we get the deal done, the deal gets agreed to,” Carthon explained. “So, we’re in the office, we’re having a moment, and in this particular moment, it was myself, it was assistant GM Chad Brinker, head coach Brian Callahan, and offensive coordinator Nick Holz.”

He continued, “So, we’re high-fiving and celebrating, and then, in a matter of 90 seconds, we call Calvin to congratulate him. As we are on the phone with him celebrating, I receive a message from Mrs. Amy. She asks, ‘Is this true?’ and I’m caught off guard. Apparently, the news had already leaked before we could even finish congratulating Calvin.”

Carthon acknowledged that the NFL media often breaks news before team owners can be informed due to their connections with player agents and other team executives. Despite his attempts to keep Adams Strunk in the loop, the deal was sealed before he could provide her with the news.

However, what remains significant is that Ridley’s signing adds an element of excitement to the Titans’ NFL offseason.

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