The Cup of America Helmsman Joins the U.S. Team

The helmsman of the Cup of America joins the U.S. Team
Image Source: Sportskeeda

Taylor Canfield, the helmsman for the Cup of America challenger Stars and Stripes teams, has made a noteworthy move by joining the U.S. team in the emerging SialGP league just ahead of the league’s debut in Sydney, Australia. The U.S. Sail GP team welcomed Canfield as the flight controller-tactician after launching its 50-foot foiling Catamaran in Sydney Harbour.

The first regatta of the six-country league is set for February 15th and 16th. Canfield, also helmsman for the Stars and Stripes team in the USA, which was unveiled in December, is in the process of selecting the sailing crew and preparing for the 36th America’s Cup in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2021.

Canfield’s addition brings valuable experience and depth to the young U.S. team. Team USA’s skipper and helmsman Rome Kirby, victorious in 2013, now has just two weeks to finalize the roles on the boat. With five crew members required to sail the boat and the U.S. team consisting of six sailors, a rotation system is in place.

Kirby emphasized the significance of Canfield’s addition, highlighting his world-class experience and competitive spirit on the water. Canfield’s exceptional fitness and racing prowess make him a standout addition to the team, having raced alongside and against many American sailors.

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