Dallas Cowboys Legend Criticizes ESPN’s Malika Andrews for Handling of Allegations

Image Source: malika_andrews @ Instagram

The ongoing controversy involving allegations against Josh Giddey’s dating life has also sparked criticism toward Malika Andrews for her lack of coverage of the issue.

Social media has condemned Andrews for not addressing the situation, which some believe is influenced by race, given her previous focus on negative aspects of Black players. This backlash stems from her mentioning former Alabama Crimson Tide star Brandon Miller on NBA Draft night in relation to a fatal shooting involving one of his teammates and a gun, despite Miller’s alleged lack of knowledge about the incident.

Former Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant also took issue with Andrews’ handling of the situation, calling her out on Twitter for not addressing the Josh Giddey controversy and criticizing her upbringing.

“Why haven’t you said nothing about Josh Giddey,” he tweeted.

“I advise you not to make this a black or white thing,” he continued.

“Your parents really raised you wrong and just because you went to a private school don’t make you better.”

The criticism has centered on Andrews’ silence regarding the Giddey situation, especially given her outspokenness on similar NBA controversies involving players of different races.

While Andrews eventually addressed the matter on Monday, many observers noted her apparent discomfort. She typically refrains from responding to backlash, and it’s likely she will do the same in this case, as engaging would only prolong and intensify the criticism.

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