Alex Morgan Invites Taylor Swift To Watch Her Play “Real Football”

Image Source: Brian Friedman / Shutterstock

USWNT star Alex Morgan has extended an invitation to Taylor Swift, who has been gaining popularity among NFL fans.

Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce has caught the attention of the football world. Kelce had missed an opportunity to give her his number at one of her concerts, but they have since spent a fun-filled weekend together.

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Swift has attended three Chiefs games this season, and Morgan would welcome her at one of her soccer games. However, Morgan took a swipe at American football, stating that while American football games are fun, “real football” is even more enjoyable.

While soccer is referred to as football in most countries, the debate over which sport deserves the title of football will continue. Americans will always refer to soccer as soccer, so it’s unlikely that Swift will attend any of Morgan’s games.

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