Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Faces Punishment Of “99 Lashes” Following Accusation Of “Adultery”

Image Source: Saolab Press / Shutterstock

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is reportedly facing a punishment of 99 lashes in Iran after being accused of committing “adultery” in the country. The accusations stem from Ronaldo hugging and kissing artist Fatima Hamimi on the cheek while thanking her for two paintings she made for him.

In Iran, touching a single woman while in a relationship is considered an act of infidelity, thus punishable by 99 lashes. Ronaldo, who plays for Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr, shared a video of the encounter, which led to the multiple lawsuits filed against him.

Ronaldo has been in a relationship with Georgina Rodgriguez since 2016, and they have two children together. The heartwarming moment between Ronaldo and Hamimi occurred during the forward’s trip to Tehran with his team to play Persepolis in an Asian Champions League group stage match.

Fatima Hamimi, the artist Ronaldo hugged and kissed, is paralyzed in 85 percent of her body and paints with her feet. She was one of many fans who had gifts for the Portuguese star during his trip.

Although Al-Nassr won’t have to play in Iran again during the group stage, they could return if both clubs qualify for the knockout rounds. If the acts are deemed not punishable or if Ronaldo shows remorse, there is a possibility that a judge may forgive him, according to Spanish outlet Marca.

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