Football Fans Discover Humor in Vintage Video of Deion Sanders Playfully Grilling His Son for Classroom Flatulence

Image Source: Deion Sanders @ Instagram

An old clip of former NFL player Deion Sanders questioning his son Shilo about farting in class when he was younger has recently resurfaced.

In 2014, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) YouTube channel released a preview of an episode of “Deion’s Family Playbook.” In the clip, Deion talks to Shilo about complaints he received from one of his teachers regarding disruptions in class.

In the letter that Deion reads aloud, the teacher accused Shilo of disrupting class by passing gas. Shilo defends himself by explaining that the teacher wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom and that it only happened once.

When Deion accuses his son of trying to be the class clown, Shilo responds by saying that the entire class is a class clown.

“Deion’s Family Playbook” aired on OWN from March 2014 to June 2015. The reality TV show had a total of 22 episodes over three seasons, and Deion’s longtime girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds, appeared as a co-star.

Deion Sanders, after a successful career at NFL Network, ventured into coaching and became the head coach of the Jackson State Tigers. He achieved a 27-6 record and led the school to consecutive SWAC Championships before taking on the coaching job at the Colorado Buffaloes.

The Buffaloes, led by Sanders, have had a surprising 3-1 start this season. After a disappointing loss to the Oregon Ducks, they will face the USC Trojans this coming Saturday.

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