LeBron James Learned About The Knicks’ Creative Video Pitch In 2010

Image Source: LeBron James @ Instagram

In 2010, basketball star LeBron James made a pivotal decision to leave Cleveland for Miami, but not before entertaining pitches from various NBA teams as a free agent.

One of those teams was the New York Knicks.

Former ESPN writer and personality Pablo Torre recently uncovered a video from the Knicks’ meeting with James and his representatives in Cleveland back in 2010 and shared some details on his podcast, Pablo Torre Finds Out.

Interestingly, the video was entirely inspired by the hit HBO series The Sopranos, a show James was known to be a fan of at the time.

According to the New York Post:

“The video featured James Gandolfini and Edie Falco reprising their iconic roles as Tony and Carmella Soprano — leading to speculations that Tony may not have died at the end of the series as presumed.”

“The scene is set ‘Two Years Later (Somewhere in New York)’ with Tony reading a newspaper from June 17, 2010, with a headline about the Mets’ victory over Cleveland.”

The dialogue continued as Tony’s wife expressed happiness about relocating to New York.

They went on to discuss…

Tony Soprano: “Life is good here, Carm, even with the witness protection.”

Carmella Soprano: “Now let’s find a home for your friend LeBron. What does he like?”

TS: “He’s contemporary but values tradition.”

CS: “Maybe something elegant on the east side.”

TS: “Is it spacious enough? He’ll be hosting many in New York.”

CS: “It’s quite pricey.”

TS: “That’s not an issue. We need something exceptional, unparalleled, just like him.”

CS: “Here’s a place with a ruckus. See.”

(Carmella shows a photo of MSG during a Knicks game.)

“That’s it. That’s a perfect fit for him.”

Despite the effort, LeBron went on to choose the Miami Heat, then returned to the Cavaliers before joining the Los Angeles Lakers. He had multiple opportunities to select the Knicks but opted otherwise.

This elaborate video pitch underscores the lengths teams will go to, including enlisting actors, to sway top athletes.

James famously announced his decision to join the Heat in a one-hour special called “The Decision,” triggering widespread astonishment among fans and analysts. It marked a significant moment in NBA history, sparking vigorous debates on player autonomy, loyalty, and free agency dynamics in professional sports.

Image Source: LeBron James @ Instagram

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