Deion Sanders’ Unconventional Recruiting Approach In Colorado Revealed In Recent Report

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Deion Sanders is known for his exceptional recruiting skills in college football, bringing in numerous players through the transfer portal and securing commitments from top high school talents ever since he joined Colorado.

But what sets Sanders apart is his unorthodox recruitment strategy.

According to USA Today Sports, Coach Prime has not engaged with players off-campus since his appointment at the University of Colorado towards the end of 2022.

Off-campus visits are a pivotal part of the recruiting process. For instance, former Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh made 145 visits since December 2022, while Texas HC Steve Sarkisian made 128 within the same timeframe, and UCLA’s Chip Kelly made 55.

Sanders, on the other hand, has been relatively stationary due to health concerns. He has been dealing with blood clots in his leg since undergoing two toe amputations in 2021 and requires daily massages to maintain proper circulation.

Despite having the option of utilizing up to $200,000 annually for private air services under his contract with Colorado, Sanders has opted not to make use of it during his tenure with the Buffaloes.

In response to a records request, the university stated, “The football staff have not used this service for recruiting since Coach Prime started his term as coach.”

While Sanders refrains from off-campus meetings with prospects, his assistants have been actively engaging in this aspect, conducting a total of 90 visits since December 2022.

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