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Ashley Harkleroad, Former Tennis Player, Makes Move to OnlyFans

Image Source: Ashley Harkleroad @ Instagram

If you’re not a diehard tennis enthusiast, you may not recognize the name Ashley Harkleroad in the world of sports. She was once dubbed as the “next Anna Kournikova” due to her striking appearance and talent on the tennis court.

Harkleroad turned professional at the age of 15 in 2000 and reached her career peak in 2003 with a world singles ranking of No. 39. In 2008, she made headlines by posing for Playboy magazine, surprising many with her bold move.

In 2012, she retired from the sport of tennis.

Now at 36 years old, Harkleroad has taken on a new venture by joining OnlyFans.

She proudly shared, “I’m the first professional tennis player to grace the cover of Playboy and now on OnlyFans!”

On her OnlyFans profile, she describes herself as: “Here to embrace freedom of expression… I’m back and better than ever.”

Harkleroad is currently married to Chuck Adams, a former tennis pro from California.

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