Singer Jana Kramer Claims Travis Kelce Is Constantly Drunk

Image Source: Travis Kelce @ Instagram

It’s widely known that Travis Kelce enjoys portraying himself as a hard-partying individual. However, according to actress and country singer Jana Kramer, his behavior may go beyond just an image.

Jana Kramer, aged 40, expressed on her podcast “Whine Down” that in her perception, Kelce is always intoxicated, stating, “To me, he’s always drunk. Every time I’ve seen a video of him, he’s just always drunk.”

Kramer further shared her concern that the tight end for the Kansas Chiefs might be encouraging his renowned partner to engage in more intense partying as well.

“I see her drinking more now,” Kramer observed. “Like they say, you are the company you keep.”

Additionally, Kramer alleged that Kelce’s behavior, particularly his actions towards coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl, did not sit well with her, as reported by the New York Post.

The outlet reported Kramer as having “fallen asleep” while listening to Taylor Swift’s most recent Tortured Poets Department album, and she criticized Kelce as “corny” and “cheesy” for reveling in the attention he has garnered since uniting with Swift, 34, last summer.

Kramer also offered another perspective, saying, “I’ve just kind of heard things that I don’t love about it,” referring to the Kelce-Swift relationship. “But again, I just want everyone to be happy, that’s what I’ll go with.”

Kelce recently confessed that he is adapting to the increased attention resulting from dating the world’s most popular pop star. He is likely also learning to cope with the critique that accompanies this situation.

Regarding Kelce’s football career, he now possesses three Super Bowl rings, one of them from the most recent victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

He dispelled rumors of retirement by agreeing to a two-year contract extension.

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