Auburn Pitcher’s Attempt At Quick Pitch Backfires Makes A Hilarious Moment

Image Source: Austin Peay @ Instagram

During a recent college baseball game between Austin Peay and Auburn, a hilarious moment unfolded in the seventh inning that left fans in stitches.

The mishap occurred when Auburn pitcher John Armstrong tried to catch Austin Peay outfielder Lyle Miller-Green off guard with a quick-pitch fastball. However, Miller-Green had other plans and smacked the ball off the top of Auburn’s scoreboard, resulting in a game-tying hit.

The incident highlighted the risks of quick-pitching in baseball, a move that, while not against the rules, is often frowned upon due to its deceptive nature. Quick-pitching requires precise timing and coordination, skills that can elude even seasoned pitchers like Armstrong, as evidenced by the outcome of this particular play.

Despite the setback, Auburn managed to secure a 7-6 victory over Austin Peay with runs in the eighth and ninth innings, making Miller-Green’s home run a mere footnote in the final result.

Miller-Green’s impressive homer marked his eighth of the season, contributing to his standout performance with 23 RBIs, a .345 batting average, and a staggering .855 slugging percentage.

Despite the blunder, Armstrong’s overall season performance for Auburn has been commendable, boasting a 1.69 ERA and 10 strikeouts in 10 2/3 innings.

This incident could serve as a valuable lesson for young pitchers: taking shortcuts like quick-pitching may not always yield the desired results, emphasizing the importance of mastering fundamental techniques to succeed on the field.

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