Logan Paul Shows His Swollen Face After Altercation With Dillon Danis Before Fight

Image Source: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock

Logan Paul found himself in an embarrassing situation on Thursday when he threw a microphone at his upcoming opponent, Dillon Danis, only to have his face bloodied in return.

Paul suffered some damage, raising concerns about whether the fight would proceed. However, he has made it clear that he intends to go ahead with the bout, although his trainer is worried about his cut eye.

Following the incident, Paul shared a photo of his swollen face:

Earlier today, Danis claimed that the fight has been canceled because Paul missed the weigh-in. As a result, he alleges that he will be fighting Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, instead.

Paul apparently arrived half an hour after the deadline, but he did meet the weight requirement. However, Danis accuses him of not playing by the rules.

There has always been concern among Logan’s team that Danis might withdraw from the fight, which is why they included a clause with a $100,000 penalty in the agreement. However, it seems that there may be legitimate reasons for Danis to back out, although it’s possible he is just trying to stir up controversy.

If Danis does withdraw, Paul will be forced to face a tougher opponent in bare-knuckle boxer Mike Perry.

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