The Atlanta Hawks Acquire All-Star Paul George In Trade Proposal

Image Source: Paul George @ Instagram

The Atlanta Hawks are looking to become immediate contenders in the Eastern Conference with a massive trade proposal that involves landing veteran All-Star Paul George.

In 2021, the Hawks surprised the NBA by reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, but they have struggled to build on that success and were eliminated in the opening round of the playoffs in consecutive years. Despite the outstanding play of Trae Young, Atlanta is looking to make a big move to strengthen their chances.

The proposed trade, put forward by James Piercey at NBA Analysis Network, suggests that the Hawks would give up De’Andre Hunter, A.J. Griffin, Onyeka Okongwu, Bogdan Bogdanović, and their 2024 and 2029 first-round picks in exchange for Paul George from the Los Angeles Clippers, who is considered a future Hall of Famer.

“Some have suggested that acquiring Dejounte Murray was a mistake. The Hawks landed him for his elite defense. Murray’s ability to guard the point of attack was supposed to make up for Trae Young’s shortcomings on that end. Unfortunately, his fit on the offensive end alongside Young has been questionable.

George could mitigate those issues. As an elite shooter, he’ll be a good fit with both young playmakers. Moreover, George is an outstanding defender as well. He’d also give the Hawks another shot creator. There’s no question that George is a good fit here and would improve the Hawks.”

This trade proposal makes sense for both teams. The Hawks would gain another All-Star to complement Trae Young, while the Clippers would benefit from younger scorers and bolstered depth. Although the Clippers currently seem committed to keeping the George-Leonard pairing intact, the right offer could change their minds. The Hawks emerge as a potential landing spot for George if he becomes available.

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