Aaron Judge Shares His Alarming Injury Update

Image Source: Aaron Judge @ Instagram

The New York Yankees are optimistic about their chances in the upcoming 2024 World Series. However, an injury update from Aaron Judge has raised concerns among fans. Judge, the star outfielder and captain, revealed during a media availability session that his right big toe will require ongoing attention, potentially for the rest of his career.

Judge expressed the need for “constant maintenance” for his toe, following a ligament tear suffered after an incident at Dodger Stadium last summer. This injury caused him to miss 42 games and contributed to the Yankees’ absence from the playoffs last season.

Despite these concerning updates, Judge appears unfazed and is focused on managing his chronic toe issues to prevent future setbacks. Retired New York Giants running back Tiki Barber previously predicted the possibility of lingering toe issues for Judge, based on his own experience with similar injuries during his NFL career.

While there is genuine cause for concern, Judge maintains a positive outlook and even makes light-hearted remarks about his injury, stating that he has been moved to center field to avoid further mishaps in right field.

However, the potential impact of Judge’s toe issues on the upcoming season is no laughing matter for Yankees fans, and they will be hoping for his continued presence and performance on the field.

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