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Mirtaleh Aslanov: Why Arm Wrestling Requires More Than Brute Strength

Arm wrestling may not be as popular as wrestling or kickboxing, but it requires more than just brute strength. While it may seem like a way for friends to challenge each other, it involves strategic analysis, mastery of techniques, and intense competition.

Mirtaleh Aslanov, a Super Heavyweight World Champion in arm wrestling, has dedicated his career to mastering the skills needed for success in this sport. As a teenager in Baku, Azerbaijan, he excelled in various combat sports before focusing on arm wrestling. By the age of 16, he had already achieved gold in his weight class as part of the Azerbaijani National Team, igniting his passion for the sport.

Competing in the Super Heavyweight class, Aslanov faces formidable opponents, but he emphasizes that arm wrestling is about much more than physical strength. It involves mastering techniques such as back pressure, side pressure, climbing, cupping, slipping, hooking, and pressing. Aslanov’s dedication to mastering these techniques led to numerous victories, including gold medals at European Championships and the Korea Silvis Classic.

Throughout the years, Aslanov has consistently placed in the top three in arm wrestling competitions worldwide. His success has seen him take home gold and silver medals at prestigious events like the Arnold Classic, showcasing the intense and fascinating nature of arm wrestling competitions. The sport’s intricate techniques require athletes to constantly adapt and strategize to gain an edge over their opponents.

Aslanov aims to elevate the profile of arm wrestling in the United States, promoting it as more than just a test of strength but also as a pathway to a healthy lifestyle for American youth.

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