UFC Champion Sean O’Malley Opens Up About His Distinctive Connection with His Spouse

Image Source: Sean O’Malley @ Instagram

UFC champion Sean O’Malley is married to Danya Gonzalez, and they have a daughter together. However, their relationship is unconventional, as O’Malley believes he has the freedom to do as he pleases outside of their marriage.

During an episode of Bradley Martyn’s “Raw Talk” podcast, O’Malley stated, “I’m a king, I pay for everything. I treat Danya like a queen. If I get a little action on the side, what does that have to do with anything? I have testosterone running through my veins; it’s simple.”

O’Malley openly discusses his views on monogamy on his podcast, The Timbo Sugar Show. He has been in an open relationship with his wife for a while and has even claimed that they engage in threesomes together.

O’Malley believes that his freedom to pursue relationships outside of his marriage has contributed to his success in the UFC. Although he has the liberty to sleep with other women, he has prohibited his wife from doing the same due to the influence of Andrew Tate, who has had a significant impact on their relationship, according to O’Malley’s appearance on the Flagrant podcast.

O’Malley explained, “If I wasn’t paying for everything, if I wasn’t successful in any sort of way, and I was just an average Joe, I probably wouldn’t [cheat]. But I’m freaking King Kong, baby. Andrew Tate explains it well. It’s status. You know I got status, so I can.”

It’s worth noting that Andrew Tate is currently facing human trafficking charges in Romania, which he denies.

O’Malley also revealed that his wife is not always fine with their situation and goes through phases of acceptance regarding their relationship choices.

The couple shares a daughter named Elena, born in 2020.

O’Malley admitted, “I’m a crazy motherf****r. I have to live a very disciplined lifestyle. I could easily go off the rails and indulge in reckless behavior. But I live a very disciplined life, and if I want to have some fun sometimes, what the f**k. It makes me a better man.”

O’Malley’s comments have faced criticism from fans, media, and fellow fighters.

Currently, O’Malley holds the UFC bantamweight champion title after defeating Aljamain Sterling in the second round of the main event at UFC 292 at the TD Garden. He has a record of 17-1-0 in 18 fights.

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