Former UFC Veteran Natan Levy Invites Internet Troll to His Gym with Disastrous Results

Image Source: Natan Levy @ Instagram

Natan Levy, a former UFC fighter, recently had a confrontational encounter with an internet troll during a sparring session. Levy, who is considered one of the top fighters in the world, decided to address the situation by inviting the troll, known as Ben, to his gym.

Ben had recently shown support for Nick Fuentes, who is labeled as a “white supremacist leader” by the Anti-Defamation League. As a person of Jewish descent, Levy wanted to understand why Ben held such views and engaged in a sparring session with him.

The outcome of the session was not in Ben’s favor. Despite Levy’s impressive fighting abilities, he chose to restrain himself and view the session as a learning opportunity. Ben reportedly learned a lesson from the experience and even acknowledged the occurrence of the Holocaust.

“It wasn’t easy,” Levy commented, “but great power comes with great responsibility, and I wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Levy’s show of restraint is commendable, but it is disheartening that such incidents continue to occur in the present day. It is high time for society to put an end to attacks against the Jewish community and all cultures. The historical atrocities committed against various groups should not be denied or undermined simply because they may be uncomfortable to acknowledge.

However, it is worth noting that Ben’s actions have not garnered much sympathy. Online trolls often make provocative statements, but encountering someone like Levy who can directly address the situation is a different story.

Levy is scheduled to fight Alex Reyes on September 16. Those interested can watch the fight to witness Levy’s skills firsthand and decide whether they would dare step into the ring with him.

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