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Ready to Fight Has Welcomed a New Adviser — Famed Promoter, Alexander Krassyuk

Alexander Krassyuk, a globally-renowned boxing promoter, has joined the boxing project Ready to Fight as an adviser. He is the head of “K2 Promotions,” a promotional company founded by the Klitschko brothers, specializing in organizing international boxing matches. K2 Promotions works with top boxers such as Alexander Usyk, Denis Berinchyk, Dmitry Mitrofanov, Vasily Chebotar, and many others.

Krassyuk has extensive experience in organizing boxing events worldwide, including organizing all of Alexander Usyk’s fights in the UK, USA, Europe, and Ukraine. He has been involved in organizing, among others, many of the Klitschko brothers’ fights, earning him an enviable reputation throughout the global boxing community.

This is precisely what Ready to Fight needs, as it rapidly grows and attracts more participants and partners. The project is based on blockchain, creating a world-first in which this disruptive technology is synergised with the boxing industry.

RTF’s mission is to unite boxers, promoters, coaches, agents, managers, rehab specialists, and other experts into a cohesive ecosystem. Technical implementation of the project is supported by the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Qmall. The project will have its own token by way of RTF, serving as the backbone of fully-integrated payment functionality, allowing Ready to Fight’s users a seamless experience.

This innovative tokenization solution in boxing will monetize the talents of aspiring and experienced boxers from all over the world.

Want to be the first to know about the latest project updates? Stay tuned for platform announcements and Alexander’s updates on social media.

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