Mike Tyson May Have Accidentally Revealed What Happened To Jamie Foxx

Mike Tyson may have revealed what’s going on with Jamie Foxx as the actor’s status remains shrouded in mystery.

The world is wondering what’s happened to the multi-talented entertainer as he had a medical emergency that forced him off a movie set a few weeks ago. But there were no updates on his condition, leading to rife speculation over his health.

Tyson, widely considered to be the best heavyweight boxer in the history of the sport, may have let us in on what the deal is during a recent podcast interview.

“He’s not feeling well. They said a stroke,” Tyson told Patrick Bet-David.

The former World Heavyweight Champion tried to walk back on it later on, claiming he wasn’t aware of what was going on with Jamie.

“I have no idea what happened to him,” he said.

Foxx’s daughter, Corrine, rebuffed reports claiming the actor was on his deathbed, revealing he had been out of the hospital for several weeks and was even playing pickleball.

Corrine also noted that she was set to work on a new TV show with Jamie soon.

At this point, we’re not sure what to believe. We just hope that everything’s alright with the Day Shift star.

“Hey, listen, we can’t anticipate our next breath,” Tyson added. “We don’t know when we are going to die. … After we leave, this bad stuff can happen.”

Foxx is said to be in a rehab facility in Chicago while his family remains silent on the matter.

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