Draymond Green Accuses Kevin Durant of Commenting On His Character

Image Source: Draymond Green @ Instagram

The ongoing conflict between Draymond Green and Jusuf Nurkic seems to be getting increasingly contentious, with Green’s former teammate, Kevin Durant, now being pulled into the drama.

During a recent episode of “The Draymond Green Show,” Green responded to comments made by Nurkic following their on-court clashes. Green expressed his disbelief at Nurkic retracting his earlier remarks and accused him of being embarrassed due to his lack of skill. Green also called Nurkic a “coward” for questioning his character.

While it was expected for Green to address Nurkic, his unexpected criticism of Durant, with whom he won two NBA championships and previously had a good relationship, added another layer to the drama. Green accused Durant of questioning his character, calling it cowardly and expressing his belief that such actions affect people’s livelihoods.

Green also took to Twitter to further express his feelings, implying that there was built-up tension and labeling the actions of both Nurkic and Durant as cowardly, as they could have addressed their issues with him directly.

Thankfully, Green’s emotions did not escalate into another violent confrontation during their recent game.

Although the two teams are not scheduled to play each other again in the regular season, both Golden State and Phoenix are currently vying for playoff spots and could potentially meet in the playoffs. Regardless, it seems likely that tensions will still be high when Green faces Nurkic and Durant in the future.

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