USC Trojans Quarterback Caleb Williams Hints at Which NFL Team He Does Not Want to Be Drafted By

Image Source: Caleb Williams @ Instagram

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams indicated his lack of desire to be drafted by the Chicago Bears by “liking” a tweet on Twitter.

The Bears are expected to have the first overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft, as they own the Carolina Panthers’ first-round pick due to a previous trade. With the Panthers currently holding the worst record in football at 2-13, the Bears are likely to secure the first pick, making last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Williams, the consensus favorite to be selected first overall.

Williams showed his preference by “liking” a tweet suggesting that the Bears should draft Ohio State wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. instead of him, as seen in the screenshot below.

The Bears face a challenging decision, given that their current quarterback, Justin Fields, is having an impressive season. Fields has been thriving with star wide receiver D.J. Moore, so adding another star like Harrison Jr. could elevate the performance of the 2021 first-round pick to a higher level.

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