Draymond Green Totally Embarrassed Himself While Trying To Chug Beer On Golf Course During ‘The Match’ (VIDEO)

Draymond Green can certainly talk that talk, and he can back it up on the court. He can’t hang when it comes to chugging beers, though. At least that’s how it appeared while he was on the golf course this week.

The Golden State Warriors star took charge of commentary during Capital One’s “The Match” 2-on-2 competition between his teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson and Chiefs stars Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce on Thursday.

The sports personalities enjoyed some beers between holes and Draymond attempted to get in on the fun by chugging one down. That turned out to be a ridiculous fail.

You could check it out right below:

So beer-chugging isn’t his strong point, but the guy can talk. At one point Mahomes and Kelce took a 3-0 lead before Curry and Thompson took a hole to cut it to 3-1, prompting the quarterback to recall the Warriors’ collapse after going 3-1 up on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2016 finals to still lose.

Green had a reply ready.

“Pat over here talking about 3-1, like Joey Burrow ain’t send your a– home a year ago,” he said with a laugh.

Anything involving Dray and Kelce would always make for great entertainment.

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