Paige Spiranac Suffered An Unfortunate ‘Cheeky’ Wardrobe Malfunction Driving A Ball On The Course (VIDEO)

Paige Spiranac suffered a wardrobe malfunction while out on the golf course as she attempted to pick up her driver after showcasing her gorgeous swing.

Fans were treated to an eyeful as she bent over in her all-white outfit that included a dangerously short skirt. Because it was so short, it showed her underwear that she had on.

She also asked fans to predict how far she hit her ball and the winner would get a free subscription to her OnlyPaige site.

The subscription site gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at Spiranac and the content she has to offer. Spiranac often advertises her OnlyPaige content and shares YouTube videos of herself playing golf.

Her exclusive site includes golf instructional videos, personalized content, giveaways and contests, and live streams.

Her underwear look may have been on purpose to drive traffic to her site. It should be noted that she has made it clear that she does not get nude at all. However, a glimpse of her underwear will still get men to sign up and she knows that.

The golf influencer revealed she feels sexiest in tight clothes and dresses while her hair and make-up are done to create content.

However, she has never been a fan of her booty as she recently stated fans will be going on a journey with her as she tries to build a butt the natural way.

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