John Wall Says He’s Concerned About NBA Becoming ‘Difficult To Watch’

Image Source: John Wall @ Instagram

John Wall, a veteran point guard and former No. 1 overall draft pick, is currently not playing in the NBA as he searches for a new team unsuccessfully.

In Wall’s opinion, the lack of defense in today’s NBA is disappointing, with players seemingly unwilling to guard one another, especially on the perimeter, which has turned the league into what feels like a casual pickup basketball game where offense takes precedence over defense.

During an interview on the OG Show, Wall voiced his frustration about the current state of the league, stating, “It’s hard to watch because nobody’s playing defense. There’s a lot of shots…for me it’s like playing pickup. If you want a bucket, you can go get a bucket. You want to go one-on-one, go one-on-one.”

Wall’s observation is supported by the staggering number of three-point attempts being taken by teams, with no team shooting less than 30 threes per game and some like the Boston Celtics attempting an astonishing 42 shots from beyond the arc each night.

Fortunately, there are discussions within the NBA competition committee to reintroduce defensive aspects into the game, aiming to strike a balance between the entertainment of NBA 2K video games and the live basketball experience.

While three-point shooting has its merits, there’s a concern about the excessive reliance on it in today’s NBA, prompting a debate on where to draw the line.

Despite being out of a team since his stint with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he showcased his skills averaging 11.4 points and 5.2 assists in 34 games, Wall, aged 33, still believes he has more to offer after his successful tenure with the Washington Wizards, where he made five All-Star appearances during his nine-season stay.

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