Kirby Smart’s Replies To Nick Saban’s Retirement

Image Source: Kirby Smart @ Instagram

After the Georgia Bulldogs lost in the Southeastern Conference championship to the Alabama Crimson Tide, missing out on a chance to be in the College Football Playoff, Georgia head coach Kirby Smart expressed his admiration for now-retired Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

In an interview with Josh Pate on the “Late Kick Live” podcast, Smart shared his initial reaction to Saban’s retirement and his views on who might become the next “face of college football.”

When asked where he was when he learned about Saban’s retirement, Smart mentioned he was initially skeptical and received a text while he was at the office. He also noted the job openings at Alabama and Georgia that added to his disbelief.

Reflecting on Saban’s departure, Smart remarked, “It kinda came out of left field a little bit in terms of the timing of it. … I think he felt comfortable in his decision. … He left a major impact on this sport we know.”

Pate then raised the subject of Smart potentially being a prominent figure in college football and inquired if he embraces or resists that notion.

Smart responded, “First off, I don’t want to be seen as the face of college football because I don’t think that’s the case,” emphasizing Saban’s enduring influence and intelligence. He stressed, “If that means I’m vocal or a spokesperson for something I believe in, then I’m gonna stand up for that when I do.”

Sharing his commitment to supporting the sport and the young individuals involved, Smart expressed his dedication to advocating for causes he deems important.

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