Olivia Dunne Is Being Accused Of Ripping Off Another Star Gymnast: “This Like The Second, Third Time You’re Copying Me?” (VIDEO)

Olivia Dunne has apparently made yet another enemy and it’s all over her stealing the ideas of another content creator who is an athlete like her.

Sydney Smith thinks the Louisiana State University gymnast has been purposely copying her content after she recently stole her chin stroke move in a video she released.

Smith said that while she doesn’t mind the copying she feels she deserves “a little credit.”

“This like, what, the second/third time you’re copying me? I mean, I love my fans and all. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care when people copy me, but I feel like I should get some credit for my creativity or something like that…” Smith said.

@sydneyshmity#stitch with @Olivia Dunne i mean shi i’ve copied too. But likee

♬ original sound – sydney smith

Talks of being copied first came up after fans noticed that Dunne would release a video of her stretching on a balance beam in the same way that the Southern Connecticut State gymnast had just done in a video.

Dunne has yet to comment on Smith’s accusation.

Here’s how fans are reacting to this news in her comments:

The LSU star already has an ongoing feud with social media influencer Breckie Hill, who has described Livvy as “such a b.”

Things got really heated between them earlier this year when Hill revealed on the popular podcast BFFs that their beef started when she found out that Dunne had blocked her on all major social media platforms.

Last month, Dunne appeared to take shots at Breckie in TikTok as she combined a photo of herself smiling while the caption on the picture read: “Me when she can’t keep my name out of her mouth.”

So much for Dunne and Smith hopefully coming together and creating content together one day.

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