REPORT: Iowa Kicker Aaron Blom Used His Mom’s Account To Bet On Hawkeyes Games And Got Booked

Aaron Blom is in some serious trouble as he has been handed criminal charges related to underage sports wagering.

The Johnson County Attorney’s Office filed a criminal complaint against him, charging the junior kicker with tampering with records related to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s probe into sports gambling.

Blom is said to have used his mother’s name to set up a DraftKings account, according to USA Today. Court documents indicated that Blom’s mother had agreed to let her son use her name and identification to set up the accounts, and Blom admitted he placed underage wagers.

The complaint said Blom made 170 mobile wagers through an account on DraftKings “controlled by Aaron Blom.” The wagers totaled more than $4,400.

Blom, a backup kicker at the time, allegedly bet the “under total points” on the 2021 Iowa-Iowa State football game, but he did not appear in the Hawkeyes’ 27-17 win.

The complaint also alleges Blom “routinely and consistently” bet using his personal iPhone from locations on the University of Iowa campus that were “not routinely open to the public,” USA Today reported.

The tampering with records charge is an aggravated misdemeanor and could come with as many as two years in prison. The DPS said in a statement that the investigation is “is ongoing and may result in the filing of additional charges.”

For now, Blom still remains on the team.

Blom played very little in 2022 for Iowa and made one of his three field goal attempts last season.

Iowa went 8-5 last season.

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