Dillon Brooks Gives Ridiculous Threat To LeBron James

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It appears Dillon Brooks still hasn’t learned his lesson after getting shown up by LeBron James in the playoffs last season.

Brooks, who’s now with the Houston Rockets, sparked a rivalry with LBJ during last term’s postseason series between the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies when he called the four-time NBA champion “old” and boasted that he pokes bears.

The Grizzlies would end up getting booted out of the playoffs as LeBron cooked Brooks. And he ended up getting cut from the team thereafter.

Dillon Brooks Totally Disrespected LeBron James After Game 2 Win: “He’s Old… I Poke Bears” (VIDEO)

The two forwards are set to clash for the first time this season when the Lakers play the Rockets on Wednesday, and Brooks made a threat that many will consider nonsensical given how things worked out for him the last time.

Brooks told reporters he plans to lock James up defensively and tire him out early, also admitting that the veteran has been playing really well this season.

“Ready to lock him up. He’s been shooting the ball well, been playing well, so I’m there to make him tired, make him get into that fourth quarter early,” Brooks said.

Brooks would do well to remember that he’s probably on a new team just because he poked the bear a few months ago. Still, you have to admire his consistency.

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