BREAKING: More NFL Players Facing Significant Suspensions As League Investigates Additional Gambling Violations

A new wave of suspensions could sweep through the NFL as the league is reportedly investigating additional potential violations.

The NFL’s purse, where it pertains to gambling, continues to grow. But the practice is becoming a bigger problem for players and other persons involved in football.

Multiple suspensions have already been handed out this offseason and, according to ESPN’s David Purdum, we could see several more as the NFL is currently carrying out an investigation. This comes just over a month after five players were suspended for either betting on games and getting hit with a minimum of one year or betting on other sports while on team property, which carries a six-game penalty.

“In the wake of five players being suspended in April, the NFL is investigating a second wave of potential violations of its gambling policy, multiple sources told ESPN,” Purdum reports.

There are no further details on this new development but it could become a worry in the next few weeks, or even days.

Recent reports have indicated that bookmakers are reporting player activity to the NFL, so it’s no longer as hard for someone to get caught placing wagers they should not be placing.

In the last five years alone, seven players, an assistant coach, and an unknown number of team employees have been penalized for gambling offenses.

If ESPN’s report is to be believed, that number could grow before the start of the 2023 season.


Image: Alena Veasey/Shutterstock

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