Baker Mayfield Reportedly not Prepared for Starting Role

Baker Mayfield is not ready for the game: Report

The Cleveland Browns’ general manager, John Dorsey, has made several enhancements to the team during the offseason. As the team gears up for the upcoming season, fans are eager to witness these changes. One significant move involves their quarterback position, with the No. 1 pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, Baker Mayfield, challenging veteran Tyrod Taylor, who was acquired through a trade.

Recent reports suggest that Mayfield may not be fully prepared to take on the starting role. Despite only having a limited practice time, the rookie is reportedly trailing behind Taylor in performance. Observers note that based on the initial practices, Mayfield does not seem ready to compete for the top quarterback position. However, it is acknowledged that these assessments could evolve between now and the start of the season in September, warranting a reevaluation of the quarterback situation.

While Taylor remains a key player on the team, Mayfield has praised him as an exceptional mentor. Taylor’s experience and the backing of teammates like Duke Johnson, who recently inked a new contract with the Browns, provide him with certain advantages over Mayfield.

Johnson commended Taylor for his leadership in the huddle, ability to read plays, and overall game knowledge. Taylor’s seasoned approach to the game has instilled confidence within the team. Players are looking forward to seeing how the team performs with an experienced quarterback leading the offense.

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