College Football Game Cut Short Amidst Chaotic Brawl; Player Wields Helmet as Weapon

Image Source: matimix / Shutterstock

A college football game on Saturday came to an early end due to a massive brawl involving numerous players from both teams.

The match took place between Delta State University and Chowan University in the D-II Gulf Southern Conference, marking the home opener for the 2023 season.

Delta State University was comfortably leading with a score of 42-18 in the final stages of the fourth quarter before chaos broke loose.

After a long run, Delta State running back Tamaj Hoffman was forcefully pushed out of bounds. What followed was a full-blown altercation, with punches being thrown and a player seen using their helmet as a weapon.

According to Football Scoop, “While both the visiting Statesmen and home-standing Hawks jostled with one another, grainy video from the game’s online broadcast appeared to show a player repeatedly striking another player with a helmet.”

The brawl escalated to such an extent that the referees decided to call off the game, given that the outcome had already been determined.

This incident of unruly behavior is set to have significant consequences, including potential suspensions and possible expulsion of players from their respective teams. Additionally, the player who used the helmet as a weapon may face assault charges.

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