Alex Rodriguez’s Former Teammate Says He Will ‘Die A Lonely Man’

FOX MLB studio analyst Alex Rodriguez looks on prior to the WBC semifinal game between Japan and Mexico at LoanDepot Park. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Rodriguez wants love, but one of his former teammates thinks he will never find it.

Doug Mientkiewicz did not mince a single word when he discussed the personal life of his former Yankees and high school teammate Alex Rodriguez on a recent podcast appearance.

The former first baseman, who with Rodriguez in high school and later with the New York Yankees, boldly claimed that the former MLB superstar was going to “die alone” one day.

“I’ve always said this, he’s going to die a lonely man,” Mientkiewicz said, via Sports Illustrated. “This whole ‘father of the year’ stuff, God bless him with his daughters, because it’s got to come a long way. But it’s like, ‘You’re just trying to get into heaven now.’ I’m still friends with my high school team. We still text often, not as often as we should, but we still text, group thread, constantly badgering each other. He’s just distant from it. I don’t care how good or how great you become and how far your career goes, you never forget your high school dudes.”

Mientkiewicz unloaded on the MLB analyst in a wide-ranging tirade that also included his suspension for PEDs.

“It’s painful,” Mientkiewicz said of Rodriguez. “It’s like, wait a minute, do you (forget) you got suspended 200 games? It’s like, ‘Come on, man. Stop it. I get it.’ I played a power position and didn’t have any. Did it cross my mind? Of course. You thought about it. But I was like, ‘You know what, I want to be able to walk when I’m 50.”

Rodriguez was suspended for the entire 2014 season due to PED use.

Mientkiewicz hit 66 career home runs between 1998 and 2009, spanning 1,087 career at-bats.

As for A-Rod, He and Walmart’s former e-commerce CEO Marc Lore agreed to purchase the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves for approximately $1.5 billion.

The proposal is still subject to NBA clearance, and current Timberwolves owner Glenn Taylor is likely to run the team for two more years while Rodriguez and Lore take over ownership.

As for his personal life, he famously got broken up with by Jennifer Lopez after rumors of him cheating. Despite trying to get her back, J-Lo would get back into a relationship with Ben Affleck and they would get married.

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