Nate Robinson discusses his struggles with mental health during his basketball career

Nate Robinson opens up about his mental struggle during the game

Nate Robinson is gearing up for a potential return to the NBA court while opening up about the challenges he faced with his mental health during his previous games. He revealed that despite his on-court energy and flashy performance, he had to battle hidden mental health issues.

Robinson expressed that his time in the NBA contributed to his struggles with depression even though he had never experienced it before. The pressure from coaches to constantly improve, stay focused, and mature pushed him to seek therapy for his well-being.

Reflecting on his journey, Robinson shared how difficult it was to try to change himself to meet others’ expectations, especially the ones set by coaches. He admitted that the toughest part of his career wasn’t the physical demands of basketball but the mental and emotional toll it took on him, as he spent around 11 years trying to fit a mold others wanted him to be in.

Recalling some challenging experiences, Robinson mentioned conflicts with coaches like Tom Thibodeau and Larry Brown that weighed heavily on him. He recounted a particularly upsetting incident with Coach Brown during his time with the New York Knicks when Brown humiliated him in front of the team, leading to Robinson breaking down in tears.

In response, Brown claimed he wasn’t aware of the impact his words had on Robinson and expressed his desire to avoid any animosity. Robinson’s NBA career ended in 2015-16, but recent reports suggest he might participate in the Drew League and BIG 3 tournaments this summer, hoping to showcase his skills once again.

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