Brawl Breaks Out Among Golfers in Florida Over Slow Play

Image: ziregolf/Instagram

Who says golf is not a physical sport? During a golf session in Lakeland, Florida, a group of grown men got into a massive argument over slow play. Footage shows one man screaming, “We can’t go any faster,” as another throws his golf club to the ground and advances toward him.

The situation quickly turns violent with pushing and kicking, followed by fist fighting at Cleveland Heights Golf Club. Individuals recording the incident can be heard excitedly stating, “Dude, we could go viral.”

One of the men confidently declares, “Bring it, bitch,” just as two others start throwing punches. One of the participants attempts to kick another, but misses and falls to the ground.

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Fortunately, it appears that although the men began arguing again, they seemed too tired to continue fighting any longer. Slow play has been a significant issue in golf this year, with many players and pundits expressing concern. Brooks Koepka, for instance, was vocal about the slow play during The Masters, blaming the group in front for the lengthy pace of play. Many attribute this to American Patrick Cantlay, who is notorious for taking his time in lining up shots.

As the video above shows, if golfers continue to get physical over slow play, it could attract a wider, younger audience and significantly boost ratings.

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